PCRA baseball is a spring sport that is affiliated with the Morgan County Parks and Recreation baseball program, a franchised league affiliate of Dixie Youth Baseball®.  Baseball starts in late February and goes into mid-May.  Boys from the PCRA teams may then be selected for the Morgan County East All-Star team which is made up of players selected from Priceville, Laceys Spring, Cotaco, Brindlee Mt., and Eva.  These teams will compete against other Alabama Dixie Youth District 11 All-Star teams and hopefully advance to the State tournament and possibly beyond.


It is the policy of Dixie Youth Baseball® to promote the development of strong character, a right attitude, a sense of responsibility, and citizenship in youngsters, using the game of baseball as a vehicle. It is the purpose of Dixie Youth Baseball® to achieve this goal through fair play, good sportsmanship, and congenial fellowship, with adult leaders providing the example while attempting to limit injury caused by overexertion. It is strictly against the policy of Dixie Youth Baseball® for any person, either as a participant or a spectator, to engage in arguments, to use abusive language, to harass umpires, or to exhibit any behavior not in concert with the general intention of this policy statement. Team coaches are required to abide by this policy statement, and all parents and other adults are strongly encouraged to do so.



Baseball Representative

Your baseball reps for 2017 are:

T-Ball               David Sharp                 256-348-9891       
5/6, 7/8               David Sharp                 256-348-9891       
9/10, 11/12, 13/14               David Sharp                 256-348-9891       


Practice schedule will be posted soon!  We will do our best to keep this up to date however please be aware that practices cancelled to make room for make up games may not be able to be rescheduled.  Most practices will be held at North Park.  In case of rain, you can call North Park to determine if it has been rained out.  The number is (256) 301-1017

Last Updated: May 17, 2012 @ 1:35pm



2014 Master Game Schedule

Last Updated: March 22, 2014

2014 County Tournament Brackets

County tournament brackets will be posted here at the end of the 2014 regular season.


Morgan County Baseball is a franchised league affiliate of Dixie Youth Baseball®, Inc.  The 2015 Dixie Youth Baseball Rulebook can be downloaded here.  

You can download the latest Morgan County (Local League) rules by selecting the link for the desired age group below. Several changes have been made for 2014 regarding pitch counts for pitchers and game time limits.  Coaches, please review the appropriate rules for your age group!

 T-ball     5&6 Pitching Machine     7&8 Pitching Machine     9 and above

Required Training for Managers and Coaches

In an effort to provide coaches with the tools necessary to ensure the safety and well being of our children, several mandatory training programs are in effect:

Morgan County baseball requires all managers and coaches to take the PREPARE sports safety course.  This course can be found at and requires an activation code to initiate the online course.  Please contact your baseball rep for the activation code.

Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball requires Concussion Awareness Training for all coaches involved in post season play (All-Star tournaments).  There is a free online training course entitled Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports that is found on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website that satisfies this requirement.  More info can be found at and a direct link to the training can be found by clicking on the image below or going to



Age Group Information

PCRA baseball has a history of excellence.  We have been competing for county championships in every age group for many years.  Below are the age groups and an idea of what you can expect for each age.  Parents will be expected to furnish a glove and cleats for their child.  NO STEEL CLEATS.  Many parents also purchase a helmet, bat, and bag but this is not necessary.  PCRA will furnish regulation helmets and bats to the coach.  Parents will also be responsible for purchasing uniforms per the coaches request.  Many coaches get sponsors to help avoid this cost.  If you or your company wish to be a sponsor for your child(ren)'s team, then please let your coach know as soon as possible.


4 years old

PCRA T-ball starts for kids as young as 4 years old.  This is not a county run age so it is on the coaches and PCRA to get enough games together to help teach these kids the basics of "America's Sport".  At this age boys and girls learn to field a ball, swing a bat, and run around the bases.  You will also find a lot of the kids learn how to play in the dirt, watch butterflies and wrestle over the balls in the outfield.  T-ball is designed to teach fundamentals so they will have all the kids on the field at one time along with the coaches.  When a kid hits the ball the kids in the field try to either get the ball to the base to get a kid out or get the ball to the circle (around the "pitching mound").  Once a team has scored 10 runs in an inning the teams swap field and batter.  This game has a limit of 6 innings or 90 minutes.


5 - 6 year olds

For the 2017 season, PCRA is only offering 5/6 coach pitch. This change was voted on and adopted by all of the communities playing in the Morgan County League.


7 - 8 year olds

At this age level the boys and girls are split and the girls begin to play softball.  Please see the softball page for more details on that.  Also at this age there are a lot of changes for the boys.  One of the biggest changes is that there will now be a coach pitching the ball instead of a machine or a tee.  There will also be a change in the fielding as now the fielding team is only allowed to have 10 players on the field at a time.


9 - 10 year olds

At this age level the boys begin pitching the ball themselves and they are only allowed 9 players in the field at a time.  Now that the kids are pitching there are no coaches on the field at any time during play.  The coaches can of course call time-out and go talk to his players.  Also at this age, the players are allowed to steal bases after the pitch crosses home plate.  However, no leading off bases is allowed.


11 - 12 year olds

At this age level the boys can start using the "big barrel" bats.  This means that they can now use the bats with a barrel of 2 5/8".  Note they are NOT allowed to use 2 3/4".  The boys are also allowed to start leading off the bag.  This is just like real baseball except the bases are not as far apart.


13 - 14 year olds

At this age level it is full blown baseball.  This age level is usually delayed until after school ball season is over because there are so many that will be playing school ball as well as PCRA ball.  PCRA practice and games for this age level will be held at Veteran's Park instead of North Park due to the size of the field required.



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