PCRA has 4 cheer squads each year.  The cheer squads are broken up to cheer for the 4 different age groups of football.  Cheerleaders range in age from 4-13.  All cheer leaders are allowed to cheer for their brothers no matter their age.  So you could have a 4 year old cheerleader out there pumping up the crowd for the 11/12 football team.  This also gives the boys some extra support while they are out there playing the game.

Cheerleading Representative

Your cheerleading rep for 2012-13 is:


  Brandy Huckabee













Practices are up to the cheer coach so please take your queue from her.



You can view the games schedule on the football page.  


The cheerleaders will try to use the same uniform each year.  This way you can sell your old uniform if you need to buy a new one.



Registration fees are $35.  Please be sure to put on the registration form which team you wish your daughter to cheer for.  This will help get the teams even and it will help with having to swap girls around once teams have been set.